Reinforce your Business Strategy with an effective HR Strategy
As a senior HR consultant and executive coach with almost 20 years of experience in HR transformational leadership roles, it is my passion to build bridges with managers, teams and organizations so they feel enabled and encouraged to take the next step in their business to reach their full potential.

My key focus is to support (mid-size) organizations facing strategic HR challenges, e.g. because of substantial growth of their business, requiring professionalization in HR through new approaches to organizational structures, talent development, coaching, leadership development, succession planning or team development. I often work on my own, but also regularly with colleagues who share the same expertise and background.

The matrix below pictures the key services; ranging from consulting to coaching and from individual focussed to organization-wide approaches. All these interventions are related, and therefore various aspects can be addressed during one assignment.

My experience comes from almost 20 years in HR transformational leadership roles in large multinational organizations and is underpinned by academic education and practical training in organizational science, business administration, Human Resources, coaching, team facilitation, and group dynamics. This enables me to design the HR Strategy and to implement it with management and/or the HR community.

One of my key capabilities is to understand the organizational and people aspects of complex organizations in challenging environments in a very short time, build trusted relations with both management and employees and bridge diverging views. I am both strong strategically and operationally.


  • "Tineke knows how good looks in HR and she delivers high quality against tough objectives. With her infectious enthusiasm and abundant energy, she easily wins even the strongest opponents over and she comfortably builds bridges between diverging opinions. When I had Tineke in my team, others kept saying how lucky I was to have her!"

    Ruud Rikhof,
    Managing Partner KennedyFitch,
    previously Global HR roles at Novartis in IT,
    Opthalmology and Research

  • "Tineke stands out from all HR Business Partners I worked with during my professional career in Philips. She has the ability to understand HR and organizational aspects of complex organizations in a very short time and build trusted relations with both the management and the employees."

    Frans J.A.M. Greidanus,
    Hengyi Chair Professor, School of Management,
    Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.
    Former Head of Research and CTO Asia for Philips

  • "Tineke is a highly passionate person who brings energy/inspiration in any team/room she enters. Starting with the leadership team and going down to the 'work-floor' various initiatives have helped to create a different culture and leadership which was needed to make some real changes."

    Paul Fleuren, SVP,
    HRO Group Strategy and Innovation, Philips

  • "Tineke was one of the best internal facilitators at Philips. I trust she will do very well in setting up her own practice. She brings a lot of energy, dedication, clarity and warmth to the teams and organisations she works with. She has the courage to challenge business leaders, while doing this in a respectful way. Tineke quickly understands the key business and team/organization issues and is able to facilitate teams towards a higher performance and more effective and joyful interaction."

    Roland Slot,
    founder and partner at Aberkyn